Speaking Topics

Tahni Cullen’s greatest passion is inspiring hope and faith through difficult circumstances. Every talk focuses on God’s goodness and how to speak life regardless of what obstacles may be in the way. For groups both large and small and for weekend retreats, Tahni’s easy, upbeat style brings profound Bible truths to life. She weaves together personal stories and powerful perspectives of who God wants to be for us as we crave to be more like Him.

Tahni’s topics connect with a wide range of demographics, and especially women, moms and those caring for loved ones with special needs. Talks can be personalized based on the opportunity, and can run between 30-60 minutes.


Video samples from Converge Women’s Retreat 2014:

Restoring Broken Things
From Devotions to Devoted: Mary of BethanyQuit Saving Your Joy for Later: Sarah

“God is a Good Gift Giver”

You pray and hope, hope and pray. And someday something “happens” that changes everything. In this talk, Tahni tells of the spiritual journey her family went on when her two-year-old son was diagnosed with autism. When given the words “no known cause, no known cure, lifelong,” what becomes of hope? One evening, her non-verbal son, Josiah, surprised her with his first typed sentence on an iPad–“God is a good gift giver”–and Heaven intertwined with earth to open up new horizons. No matter how stuck you feel given life’s circumstances, you’ll walk away with renewed hope not to fear, and to keep believing.

“Quit Saving Your Joy for Later”

Joy. It is our source of strength. When it is set before our eyes, it helps us endure difficult days. We find it gets full when we experience it by accessing God’s presence. But, like Sarah who was told she would finally have a child and her heart’s desire in her old age, we often try to protect ourselves from disappointment. We tend to defer joy until we see the results worth celebrating. Learn to experience joy, peace and praise now that will fuel tomorrow’s laughter over God’s dreams come true for you.

“Faith is ‘Picture It Done'”

Faith is a word that has lost the clarity of its meaning, but the Bible says that faith is a substance. It’s more tangible than a feeling. It’s more powerful than wishful thinking or a positive attitude. Faith agrees with the promises of God, and is a force. Faith says “yes” to God’s viewpoint on the matter even when common sense or conventional wisdom say “no way.” Learn to engage your imagination and ignite your faith by taking your request before God and asking for His eyes so you can “picture it done”–thinking, behaving and speaking in faith’s pictured direction.

“Peace When It Doesn’t Make Sense”

We like to think of peace as the absence of conflict, but there is a heart peace that Jesus offers us despite the storms, annoyances and unknowns that try to get us into a ball of worry and stress. By exploring the Hebrew understanding of peace–“shalom”–we can come to know how to trust God for working out the true sense of wholeness for our lives. The Prince of Peace works to bring restoration to our minds, souls and bodies as we lose the fear, allow Him to provide for us at the moment of our need, and access His peace no matter what is happening.

“Hoping Not Coping”

A doctor’s report. Divorce papers. Bad news. Lack of solutions. Life starts to look a whole lot more like managing and surviving than it does living the “full life” Christ said He came to give us on this earth. Hope is deferred, put on the shelf, too painful to risk disappointment. We start turning inward, looking to self-sooth. We’re enticed to find temporary comfort, and reduce ourselves to cope within the narrow space between a rock and a hard place. Learn to expose the tricks of passivity and apathy while you engage with God to begin dreaming again. Bust the confines of circumstances by believing that the future will be good.

“Rebuilding Your Soul Walls”

Journey in the book of Nehemiah as Nehemiah shows how to trust God to get through the resistance and rebuild the temple walls. See how those same principles connect to repairing our souls–the walls around the our temple for the Holy Spirit. Learn how to fight with a sword in one hand and build with a hammer in the other, link together with other believers while you do your part to become strong, live a lifestyle of repentance, learn to live healed, and resist the enemy so you can experience healing and divine acceleration in your life and your destiny.

“Starting a Special Needs Assistance Ministry in Your Church”

The mother of a child with autism, Tahni knows what it’s like to not attend church as a family. She knows firsthand the feeling of being nervous about whether her child would be cared for, accepted and delighted in within the church’s kids’ ministry. As a pastor and former ministry director, she also understands the challenges around getting a sustainable volunteer-run inclusion ministry in place that will serve kids, families, staff members and volunteers well. She worked to help set up a simple model of special needs assistants for one-on-one needs as well as scheduled room assistants for one of the largest multi-campus churches in the nation, and can help yours get started.

Espresso Yourself & Let Loose Shows

If you enjoy a lively chat between girlfriends, grab a warm beverage and get ready to Espresso Yourself. Based out of Minnesota, Tahni is part of this three-woman troupe offers two affordable, 60-minute presentations with a satisfying mix of teaching, comedy, music, and drama sketches. Served up especially for community and outreach women’s events for groups both large and small! Or package them together for a retreat! Visit: http://www.espressoyourself3.com/.

For pricing and booking information, call 612-296-9091. Tahni Cullen lives in the Twin Cities, MN, but will travel.

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